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Feb 05 2013

And so the journey begins…

Today, at 16:08 (not that I was keeping close tabs or anything), Teach for America sent me an e-mail telling me that I made it to the Final Interview. Whew. Part of me was confident that I’d make it–that I’d ultimately become a TFA corps member–but another part was convincedĀ  that I wouldn’t make it past the phone interview. Somewhere past pessimism and before the edge of optimism is realism, and it is the land I’ve inhabited for the past few years.


Since I’ve already requested and received official copies of my transcripts from undergrad and grad schools, I just need to upload them into the App Center and then fill out a form detailing the courses I’ve taken. My letters of recommendations (grad school professors) and reference (literacy program director) are squared away, as are my region preferences (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Miami) and subject/grade level preferences (Special Education and ELL). I’m not sure what to teach for the 5-minute sample teaching at the Final Interview, but I’m thinking of a mini Hawaiian language lesson. You know, basic Hawaiian greetings and their proper pronunciation. (Pro tip: It is ah-LOH-ha, not a-LOW-hah.)


In any case, Final Interview’s not until the 28th, so I have a couple of weeks to prepare!



Mai Iloko Mai (That Which is Within Matters),


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